Ostrich MK-2: our new programmable robot camera crane

Ostrich MK-2: our new programmable robot camera crane

Robotic camera crane

Our new Maxicrane Ostrich MK-2 is a robotic camera crane that offers a simple solution to studio broadcasting and cinematography.

Consists of one robotic pan & tilt head with Zoom and focus servos, one adjustable jib arm, a support base, and a touch-screen control that have been developed for daily use in broadcast studios, remote photography, film, live events and so on.

Full control of lens and camera positions

Movements that have been saved can be triggered with just one click or even automatically. New movements are created within minutes and existing ones can be modified easily.

Ostrich MK-2 can control lens settings as well as camera position, and can be used to produce sophisticated time-lapse sequences or camera movements created through a touch screen controller.

Touchscreen controller

As a standalone single-operator console, can control the pan and tilt of both the jib and the head as well as the zoom and focus of the lens.

Also, the controller offers a simple interface for storing and recalling 9 positions and programming 8 keyframes.

Takes only an hour to set up, and since it only weighs 110kg/243lbs, it is easy to transport as well.

1. Simple Control Interface with 4.3 inches capacitive multi-touch screen.
2. Standard RJ-45 Ethernet port.
3. 6 Axis full Motion Control System.
4. Programmed to move on 3 dimensions.
5. Support any camera & lens up to 55Lb. maximum payload
6. Zoom and Focus servos with automatic calibration.
7. 9 Positions to record.
8. 8 Keyframes capability.
9. Time-Lapse and Real-time programs.
10. Compatible with DragonFrame software.
11. Web Interface control.
12. Precise Camera Tracking for AR and VR for work with Unity and Unreal engines.
13. 10 to 13 Ft. Arm Length.
14. Designed for precision movements with a resolution of 1,900,000 positions in 360 degrees.

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