Maxicrane Toro Movie Jib
Maxicrane Toro Movie Jib

Maxicrane Toro Movie Jib

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Portable, event-style, camera-crane available in lengths from 17 to 30 feet.

Lightweight and easy to assemble, Toro Movie Jib can be extended from 17- to 30-feet with 77 lb. load capacity. 


☑️ Heavy duty arm, “Visel Rectangle”, and base construction. Able to carry very large payloads without compromise.
☑️ Super accurate coupling system. Connection joints make it easy to set up and change the usable length of the crane.
☑️ The specially designed monitor frame can tilt along with the jib arm, so the operator can watch easily the monitor all times without adjusting monitor position.
☑️ Horizontal bars in the rear of the jib accept standard dumbbell/barbell weights for counterbalance.
☑️ Equipped with tilt lock for jib arm movement.

Weigh support: up to 77 lb. load capacity. 

Portable: Each Toro Crane fits into 2 boxes measuring 48x20x19-inches.

Comes with: Dolly with 6 Flat-Free wheels + Super stable tripod with a 4-inch diameter central column and adjustable arms.