Scarab 400 & Carbon Fiber Head
Scarab 400 & Carbon Fiber Head

Scarab 400 & Carbon Fiber Head

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Highest-End Motion Control System designed for precise camera  movements with a resolution of 1,900,000 positions in 360 degrees

☑️ Programmable 5 Axis: Dolly, Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Focus.
☑️ Tracks threading on each end to interconnect and create the length desire.
☑️ Motors with zero backlash.
☑️ All parts are made in Dural Aluminum CNC Machined
☑️ 1 Year Warranty and Full Customer Support

Touch Screen Controller:
☑️ Smooth manual Operation due to expo curves and movement profiles.
☑️ Meant for use on Live Events.
☑️Interchangeable different types of joysticks, Hand-wheels and Pedals of your choice.
☑️ 3 programmable sequences with loop, back, forth at once.
☑️ 9 Programmable Positions. Easy to record and play
☑️ Programmable Keyframes. Super smooth interpolation curves

Remote Operation:
Web User Interface allows a camera robotic motion control system to be operated through a virtual console accessible using any modern web browser on a computer, tablet, or a smart phone.

Weigh support: For cameras up to 35 lbs.