Maxicrane Digital Movie Head
Maxicrane Digital Movie Head

Maxicrane Digital Movie Head

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Head with/without Lens servos

Motorized Pan and Tilt Head with optional Focus and Zoom programmable servo motors

Maxicrane Digital Movie Head its a Highest-End Motion Control System designed for precision moves, with a resolution of 580.000 positions in 360 degrees.


☑️ Motors with zero backlash
☑️ Smooth and Reliable
☑️ Perfect Motorized Camera Move
☑️ Can be used up or down 
☑️ Ideal for DSLRs and small video and cinema cameras. Speed, easy IN and OUT adjustable.
All our products are made in the USA and are backed by a one year warranty.


Touch Screen Controller:

☑️ Smooth manual Operation due to expo curves and movement profiles.
☑️ Meant for use on Live Events.
☑️ Interchangeable different types of joysticks, Hand-wheels and Pedals of your choice.
☑️ 3 programmable sequences with loop, back & forth at once
☑️ 9 Programmable Positions Easy to record and play
☑️ 9 Programmable Keyframes. Super smooth interpolation curves

Focus and Zoom servos (optional) are programmable too and came with one aditional joystick for manual operation. 

Weigh support: For cameras up to 12 lbs.

Supply:  24v. Batteries or AC power.

Scarab Dolly compatible.

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