Maxicrane designs and manufactures video, cinematography and motion picture equipment for professional and “prosumer” videographers and cinematographers.

Our background in the film and television industry gives us the knowledge to innovate by improving upon and developing equipment to meet and exceed professional standards with superior functionality.

As a result, we create all of our equipment with the end-user in mind.

Our equipments are thoroughly tested before being released to the market and have a one-year warranty.

Hector Marchitelli

A creative and technical professional with more than 25 years of experience in various aspects of broadcast media and motion film production, Hector is the owner of Maxicrane, a company that makes different types of camera grips and lighting.

Mariano Abad

Mariano is a chemist-turned-software-turned-electronics-engineer with over 22 years of mixed industries experience.
When he is not watering his garden or riding his bike across a remote road on an unspellable country we might find him in his homelab creating the most stupidly amazing control logic , the soul of these products.

Leonardo Buono

An Argentina native, Leonardo’s decorated career spans 25 years in production, animation and design. His work has resulted in countless commercials, promotions and documentaries for notable brands around the world.

Made in usa

Finish by hand

Our equipment is fabricated in the USA and gives customers the confidence they deserve.