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For remote focus and zoom control Maxicrane Follow Focus Wireless Lens Control System provides wireless control of your lens. The system features OLED information screens that are visible both indoors and out, and automatic lens calibration.

The focus controller/transmitter incorporates a slot that accepts NP-F550 and F570 type batteries.¬† Although the system has a wireless range of about 90′ indoors and over 650′ outdoors.

The motors are powered via the receptor box an integrated 15 to 19mm rod clamp. Each motor ships with a replaceable 0.8 MOD cine-style gear. The system can control record stop/stop for select RED, Canon, Sony, Arri, and Blackmagic Design cameras (requires optional cables, not included.)


Maxicrane Follow Focus Wireless Lens Control System

The system can be used in situations where direct contact with the lens is not possible, like when the camera is mounted on a motorized gimbal stabilizer or in Cranes.

It supports up to 20 channels to select from, and the controllers pair with each motor via the motor ID.

The hand unit can control three channels (focus, zoom, St/Stop)

Automatic lens calibration.

All-digital system.

The motors feature cine standard 0.8 MOD 32 pitch drive gears. Each motor includes a 15mm rod clamp, allowing you to mount the motors onto a 15mm rod.


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