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Diabolo Head


For cameras up to 55 lb.

Two-axis digital head with a resolution of 350,000 positions in 360 degrees of Pan and Tilt movement.

The new Touch screen control allows the operator to set all the controls they need . These features include functions such as Speed adjustments for Pan and Tilt , Reverse switches, exponential acceleration curves, damping and joystick calibration.


The speed control gives you the possibility to change the speed between 0 to 100%

The expo curves are created to make different response when the Joystick is moved.

The Ramp control adjust the Electronic Dampening System to ensure a smooth start and stop.

The wheel control permits to change the handwheel and panbar response between 0 to 10.

With built in high-resolution positioning the Diabolo Head is ready for a full VFX workflow, outputting accurate pan and tilt data. Four scenes with more than one hour recorded time. The data can be recorded for post-production or used for on-set realtime previsualisation. The Diabolo Head also interfaces to most 3D animation softwares using BVH Files.

The new hand control

The most advanced camera movement control is also the most intuitive. Just tilt, pan and the Diabolo Head will follow. When you want to move the head left, just pan the monitor left. When you want to move up/down, tilt the monitor up or down. It’s so instant and organic that operators can execute complex moving shots with precise framing after just a few minutes of practice.

Weight 120 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 10 x 16 in

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